Paasgroeten 2019 uit Debrecen
21-04-2019 18:46
Groet uit Debrecen
“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!" (Luke 24:5-6)
Dear Friends in Stiens,
Hope all is well with you! We are preparing for Easter: every night we have something special this week and we are very happy to see that many accept our invitation and attend our programs/services. Last night for example we learned about Bible and art: we looked into the passion of Christ from the perspective of the painter Munkacsy. He painted the famous Trilogy, which shows Christ passion through three big paintings. A former theological professor came and taught us about the paintings – pointing to the biblical story all the time. Our church hall in the back proved be to too small, for so many came – also from other parts of the city – we had to look for extra chairs. We were very glad to see that! Now I am preparing the service for tonight.
Our church building renovation will come to an end very soon. The outside works have been finished; it is the inside where we still have work to do: furniture, preparation for audio-visual equipment later on etc.
Have a Blessed Easter! Hope to talk to you soon!
Thinking of you all and sending our love to you!

Groet uit Stiens
“Aber des Herrn Wort bleibet, bleibet in Ewigkeit” (Isaiah 40, Johannes Brahms, Deutsches Requiem)

Dear friends in Debrecen,

Our Friend Endre sent us Eastern greetings and blessings. He told us about the special services and about the paintings of Munkaczy, and about your pastor stressing to find as many chairs as possible. These are problems to be grateful for.

I like the use of art in the period of Eastern. Many pastors like to explain Eastern, but as they try, they fail. This is not because of their lack of attitude, preparation, or Bible Study. What happens on Golghota, and what happens behind the large rock in the grave of Joseph of Arimathea is beyond reach of our words and theology. The mistery of the Risen Lord can’t be caught in our expressions.

For me, Johannes Brahms came close in his “Deutsches Requiem”. The second part is a bit sad and somber. “Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras”. But then suddenly the orchestra breaks in, with trumpets and timpani, and the words of the Lord sound like they come from heaven. For me, that is Eastern.

In Stiens a group of volunteers(!) has begun finding a new minister. They will make a nomination after which the church council will appoint a new minister. This will take about a year. In the meantime, church services are led by ministers and theologians from outside. Tomorrow Kees van der Zwaard wil lead the worship service. He is theologian, artist and theather-maker. He will also sing some of his own songs. I will be at one of my most favorite seats in church: behind the grand piano, with our band.

We are happy to hear the rebuilding and renovation project is doing well. The weather is good, so this helps. After the Eastern days and after this period of rebuilding, my advice is to tie the pastor, before you know he will come up with something new.

Sending our love and prayers!

Ds. Jaap
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